Komorebi - 133cm x 98cm



“The tight grip of darkness, a disguised delight,

It taught me how to truly take flight.

When all seemed lost, when hope grew slim,

A symphony of hues began to brim.

So, let not the shadows bring you dismay,

For within their grasp, a new world may lay.

Embrace the ebony with all your might,

And witness how darkness turns wonderfully bright.”

This piece is a reminder that when faced with darkness, brighter times will come. Embrace the light, and believe in the strength that lies within. The soft pastel tones highlight the gradual nature of brightness, just as light slowly permeates the darkness, the artwork represents the gradual progression towards brighter days.

Titled ‘KOMOREBI’ 木漏れ日 the Japanese word for sunlight, which is filtered through the leaves of the trees.

Final framed size - 133cm x 98cm

Artwork Details

Acrylic on 300gsm, acid-free, archival quality, 100% cotton paper.

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