Artist Statement

"I explore emotions through my paintings, blending colour, form, and symbolism to create stories that resonate with the human experience. My inspiration comes from music, lyrics, poems, and quotes, using these expressive mediums to ignite my internal vision and guide my brushstrokes. In my artwork, you'll find a mix of abstract shapes and figurative elements, conveying hidden messages and positive affirmations, as every artwork holds its own meaning. I believe in the power of symbolism to encourage viewers to delve deeper into the artwork, discovering personal meanings that connect with their own experiences."

"For me, art acts as a visual anchor, providing a sense of familiarity and reassurance. It's not just about the colour and strokes; it's about creating a connection that goes beyond the surface, becoming a meaningful part of the viewer's journey."

Artist Q&A

  • Affordable Art Fair Melbourne FEMME + Collective Aug-Sept 2024
  • Affordable Art Fair Sydney FEMME + Collective June 2024
  • The Other Art Fair Sydney May 2024
  • Brunswick Street Gallery Small Works Art Prize 2023
  • The Other Art Fair Sydney October 2023
  • Affordable Art Fair Sydney FEMME + Collective June 2023
  • The Other Art Fair Sydney May 2023
  • Darlinghurst Road Gallery ‘Boys! Boys! Boys!’ January 2023
  • Darlinghurst Road Gallery ‘Visions’ January 2023
  • Manyung Gallery Group Summer Art Soirée Solo January 2023
  • The Other Art Fair Sydney December 2022
  • The Other Art Fair Sydney July 2022
  • The Other Art Fair Sydney December 2021
  • Saatchi Art Virtual Edition Fair 2021
  • The Other Art Fair Sydney December 2021
  • The Other Art Fair Sydney March 2021
  • Affordable Art Fair Online November 2020
  • Van Rensburg Galleries ‘Evolve, Grow Flourish' solo show 2020
  • Van Rensburg Galleries‘The Art of Summer’group show 2020
  • Affordable Art Fair Melbourne 2019
  • Affordable Art Fair NYC 2019
  • Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2019
  • The Other Art Fair Melbourne 2019
  • The Other Art Fair Sydney October 2019
  • The Other Art Fair Sydney March 2019
  • Shortlisted Artist ‘Into the Light’ Whitewall Art Prize 2021
  • South Australian Arts Excellence Award 2012
How did you become an artist? Where did you study, etc?

Many years ago, I completed a hairdressing apprenticeship in Adelaide, but soon realized not everyone wanted a fun, creative hairstyle and I became bored with the everyday trims and touch-ups.

That’s when I made the decision to study an Advanced Diploma of Advertising and Graphic Design and really enjoyed the first year of studies which was heavily centered around the basic fundamentals of graphic design –colour theory, life drawing, sketching and painting. It became normal for me to carry a sketchbook around and look for inspiration in everyday activities and see things in a different way.

At the end of the studies I was awarded the South Australian Arts Excellence Award. I went on to work at various advertising agencies in Sydney in account management, but at one agency I was encouraged and guided by the creative directors - They noticed my creativity and gave me an opportunity to work on creative briefs and design work. I see this as the turning point.

They encouraged my creativity and that fueled my passion for my side hobby which was painting. I began to paint a lot more and started an Instagram account, joined a few online galleries, built a website, and became stocked in a few stores locally, nationally and internationally.

All of this led to being able to do what I love, and within 6 months of my first sale, I became a full-time artist, which I still find so surreal.

How would you describe your style? How varied are your works?

I’d describe my style as emotional –most of my pieces carry deep meaning and is the result of my experiences. My works centre around capturing the feelings and emotions that arise from music, lyrics, quotesand poems. My goal is to initiate an emotional response which people can relate to their own experiences. 

I used struggle with letting people know the true insight into the meanings behind pieces, as I find being an artist is like having a diary for the world to view, and letting strangers take little pieces of your story home with them. But I find when I do open up and tell people the meanings behind pieces, the reactions have been so positive. People genuinely love the pieces more knowing the meanings and inspiration behind the artwork. They can relate to them and see them in a different light. 

I create acrylic and ink line drawings and custom pieces in both mediums. With the acrylic pieces I like to focus on the psychology behind colours and use colour to strengthen the meaning behind the piece. For custom pieces, I like to delve into the reasons behind the piece and create something that holds special meaning to the individuals.

My first ever custom piece was for a newlywed couple in New York. The work represented a sense of feeling at home with one another, so I used a palette of colours from a photo they had taken in Central Park at sunset where they meet after work and embrace after a long day and walk home together. The artwork is imbued with the strong golden hues and greens from the sea of trees taken from their picture. It was the perfect combination for the piece as green is symbolic of harmony, suggests stability and is associated with emotional healing and protection. And gold is symbolic of compassion, love, warmth and home.

Another recent wedding piece for a wanderlust couple represented the roads travelled together. We used colours from a photo they had taken at their favourite destination -The Joshua Tree. I infused the acrylic paint with essential oils, that carried meanings of adventure, passion and love, for a special touch.

What do you love about being an artist?

I love the freedom of being able to do what I love every single day (and most nights)! And making art with the knowing that it will catch someone’s eye, only to find out it deeply resonates with their life story or where they're headed — Like the artwork found its perfect match. Then hearing about it becoming a positive daily boost for them feels really special to me.

I also love being able to spend every day with my little French Bulldog, Dolly. Painting can be a very solitude career, so I can sometimes forget there is a world outside! I have a very active French bulldog who loves to explore and go on walks, she reminds me to get outside a few times a day which helps as a refresh.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I have two major inspirations.

The first is music -especially lyrics that I can relate to. Most of my works are titled after lyrics of songs that had a profound influence on me. Music can resurface a lot of memories, and if I am drawn to a specific lyric or tune, I’m transported to a particular time or place. I’ll listen to a song on repeat whilst painting a piece to focus on that specific memory -be it good or bad. I then try toexpress those emotions through drawing and painting. 

My second inspiration I owe to my seventh gradeschool teacherwho told me that it seemed as though I was daydreaming all day in my own world. I always remembered this and was embarrassed that I came across that way and was programmed to believe it was a bad thing. From that time, I became aware of being more involved and present. Introverts look inwardly to recharge, and this can be conceived as anti-social and shy, when really most people don’t realize is there is a depth of ideas, thoughts and feelings circulating within. It’s only in the past few years that I started to realize that my ‘daydream’ state is where my creativity is fueled, and it’s a place where ideas come to life and it’s not a bad place at all. One of my favourite quotes is ‘Children are souls to be unfolded, not things to be moulded.

What is your philosophy on art and life?

My philosophy on art and life is centered on the belief that everything happens for a reason, and coincidences are rare. By recognizing these reasons, we can uncover deeper meaning, not only in life but also in the realm of art making

Describe yourself in three words.

Introverted, creative, imaginative