Emotion motion ocean - 80cm x 128cm



“When I’m particularly overwhelmed or drowning in negative emotions, I close my eyes, take a deep breath and remind myself that life is like an ocean. Like the ocean, life is a vast, mysterious, unpredictable force much bigger than any one person. Sometimes it’s beautiful and freeing and joyous. Other times, it’s terrifying and rough and unrelenting. Yet, life is in constant motion, forever moving and changing.

I imagine my challenges as waves and myself - with all my emotions - as driftwood, ebbing and flowing amidst the gravity of life's uncertainty. Although I feel as though I’m constantly being pulled by a force, not of my own, I’m reminded that the beautiful thing about driftwood is its natural ability to stay afloat.

The truth is, no human can control life any more than we are able to control the ocean’s tides. But lack of control does not equal lack of power. The wave might be strong, but so are we. We have choice, and choice is power in motion.”

— Jenna Sackman

Final framed size 80cm x 128cm

Artwork Details

Acrylic on 300gsm, acid-free, archival quality, 100% cotton paper.

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