Flower Essences - 133cm x 98cm



“In gentle grasp, both life and bloom, We hold our dreams, dispel the gloom. For in these flowers, we find a clue, To life's sweet essence, pure and true.”

Flower Essences are made by infusing the blooms particular vibration into water and then stabilizing it. Research has recently proved that water has a memory. Flower essences works on the premise that every flower has a particular healing attribute in the form of a vibrational frequency. Similarly, an emotional imbalance also has a vibrational frequency. So if an individual is fearful, they may ingest the flower essence that floods their body with vibrations of courage in order to counteract the fear and begin to resonate in a state of courage and fearlessness.

Final framed size 133cm x 98cm

Artwork Details

Acrylic on 300gsm, acid-free, archival quality, 100% cotton paper.

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